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8 Things You Did Not Know About Impact Properties

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IMPACT Properties is a full-service real estate company, but what else is IMPACT? Here are 8 facts that you might not have known about IMPACT Properties.

  1. We just celebrated 6 years as a copmany
  2. We have 4 offices (3 Corporate Owned and 1 Affiliated Office)
  3. We server Southern California, Northern California, and Nashville, Tennessee
  4. One of our offices is located in the heart of Franklin, Tennessee
  5. We have 40 agents
  6. We hire and train new agents (we have given many agents their first-ever commission checks – best feeling!)
  7. We have daily coaching and training for all of our agents
  8. We have a 20-year growth plan to hire 10,000 more agents and open offices throughout the United States

And now you know! We are proud to be IMPACT Properties and we are excited for our company to continue to grow! What’s one new thing you learned about IMPACT Properties? Let us know!


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