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I Love Impact Properties: Laurisa Ehlers

Laurisa Ehlers

It’s time to continue our I Love IMPACT series, a campaign highlighting our amazing agents and their thoughts on working at IMPACT Properties.

Today, we’re sitting down with IMPACT agent, Laurisa Ehlers.

I am a Wife to Jayson, Mother to my heart warrior Nathan (15), Daughter to Larry and Janet, Sister to Kelly, Friend to Many and, most importantly, a Child of God. I love my family, writing, organization, music of all genres, dancing, camping, watching my son’s offroad racing, my black lab puppy Beau, brunch, and lazy Sundays. I am a whole lot of “extra” with a dry sense of humor, a sharp tongue, and on most days, a crazy amount of energy.

Let’s hear what Laurisa has to say:

Why do you love IMPACT Properties?

I love IMPACT Properties because of the people and the environment. While we are all independent agents, there is definitely a feeling of teamwork and people who support you and have your back here at the office. We cheer for each other and are excited about the success of our fellow agents. We support one another in the defeats as well.

What is your favorite aspect of IMPACT Properties?

IMPACT Properties was built on a foundation of Core Values that separates us from the crowd. Our Broker/Owner does not only speak those values, he practices them and lives them daily and is a constant example to all of us.

Why did you join IMPACT Properties?

I joined IMPACT Properties because of the feeling I got when I walked in the office. After my initial meeting with Aaron, I knew it was the right place for me to grow my career while making an IMPACT in the lives of those I served. There is great growth opportunity, education and training at our office and I believe our agents benefit immeasurably from that.

What makes IMPACT Properties different?

All the reasons above. This place is TRULY unique, and I’m grateful in every way to be working here with such amazing people.

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