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Here’S A Better Way To Interact With Your Clients

Interact With Your Clients

Have you ever had a client that you struggle communicating with? Every interaction you have feels awkward and unproductive? As if everything you say doesn’t quite resonate with them? If you’re a Real Estate Agent, let’s be honest—we have all been there.

One way to relate more effectively to your clients is through figuring out their DISC personalities. Before we jump into how to relate to them through their DISC, it’s important to understand what the DISC is.

The DISC assessment is a behavior assessment tool which centers on four different personality traits: Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive. These personality traits can predict an individual’s behavior towards others and everyday life. (To read more about the DISC assessment, click here).

In order to communicate using the DISC traits, you need to figure out which trait they relate to the most. You can do this by being aware of how they react to situations. This will come more naturally once you understand how to relate to them.

D: Driver

This person is goal and bottom-line oriented. They want it done well and they want it done now. They don’t tend to share emotions and they do not want to beat around the bush. Here are some ways to relate to them:

  • Bullet point tasks
  • Be quick if you want them to respond well
  • Make it their idea
  • Use language such as “I’m sure you have it figured out.”
  • Ask “what” questions

I: The Expressive

This person wants to be a part of the crowd and ultimately influence the crowd. Here are some ways you can relate to them:

  • Always tie it to something or someone more important
  • Money isn’t their motivation
  • Use language such as “Who else is doing it? Everyone is doing it!”
  • Ask “who” questions

SL Amiable

This person seeks peace in their life and despises chaos. This is the client who never wants to disappoint you. Here are some ways you can relate to them:

  • Always tie it to something or someone important
  • Create structure so they feel secure
  • Use language such as “why is it important for you to be buying a home right now?”
  • Ask “why” questions


This person is very strategic and appreciates the logic behind decisions. Here are some ways you can relate to them:

  • Number the tasks
  • Go tep-by-step
  • Use language such as “Logically, you should understand.”
  • Ask “how” questions

Each individual is unique but will most likely fall into one of these personality traits. As you read the descriptions, you probably noticed that you related to one of the traits more than the others. It’s important to give up your style of communication for the client. It might be uncomfortable, but they don’t know you’ll feel uncomfortable.

It’s important to use the DISC personality assessment to understand and better communicate with your clients. It may take some time to learn how to do it, but with some more research and practice with the DISC, we believe that you will be able to more effectively communicate with your clients.


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